What options are there to expand the inventory?

  • What options are there to expand the inventory? pleinolijf

    In Guild Wars 1, there were a handful of options to get a bigger inventory/carrying space. Examples are the special bags that offered more slots than four, or bags in which you could stuff weapons and armor.

    Is such a feature available in GW2 as well ? The other day I found a different colored bag that offered a few more slots than a general bag, but I wonder what the maximum is, and if you can actively seek possession of such items.

  • 1) You can buy or craft more pouches or boxes with various storage sizes and properties (for instance, armorsmiths can craft a 'safe' box that holds 8 items that will not be sorted with compact or moved to collections unless you do so manually).

    2) You can also unlock extra pouch/box "slots", via the in-game store.

    (At work; can't check the site/wiki to link URLs.)

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