Where is the best place to find diamond or gold in survival mode?

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  • Max gold find %? Dezkiel88

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  • I'm new to this game. I'm mining in 12th and 13th layers by making 2x2 tunnels, and have made several 50-60 block long tunnels. The problem is so far I'm only able to find iron, redstone, coal, lapis lazuli, but no diamonds and only a little gold. So, my question is why am I not able to find reasonable amount of gold and diamond. Is the problem my technique of mining or am I searching in wrong layers? What is the best way to mine gold and diamond in Minecraft? What am I doing wrong?

  • I'm aware of the other questions concerning efficient mining in minecraft, but they don't tackle the maximum ores per hour that you can mine using a diamond pick and an iron pick. So accounting for use of iron or diamond tools and the wear on the tools, what is the MAX end result per hour of each ore that you can achieve? I say max assuming that you spend 100% of your time breaking blocks... mining strategy for those six block levels to mine all ore blocks you see while mining, assuming a smooth average distribution of the ore, and assuming that there's no dirt or gravel and only stone where

  • and loot when you finally bring them down. Is the gold the goblin drops while fleeing separate from their "on-death" spoils, or does it get drawn from the same pool? If I want the most gold from the Goblin, should I kill them immediately, or wait for them to litter the ground with gold a bit, first? How do the Treasure Goblins work? explains what they are, and their general behavior, but I know that already; I'm more interested in the strategy that milks the most coins from their grubby little paws. Should I obliterate them ASAP? Or should I let them leave a trail of coins for as long

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  • Possible Duplicate: Most profitable way to get rid of equipment So, in Guild Wars 2 you have four things you can do with unwanted equipments: Sell on a vendor. Salvage the equipment. Mystic Forge. If you're lucky and the item is worth something, sell on the Trading Post. Usually I salvage Basic (white) items and Mystic Forge the rest to try to get better equips, but this probably is nonsense. What is the best strategy?

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