How do you use workshop on Civilization V?

Jonathan Mongrain
  • How do you use workshop on Civilization V? Jonathan Mongrain

    I'm trying to use some add-ons for Civ V from the workshop. I subscribed to some as described in this answer. When I start the game, nothing. I restarted Steam and then the game, nothing. I bet I'm suppose to use the "MODS" section, but the only one that appears is one I downloaded long ago, before workshop! Is there some special manipulation that can make it work? I'm on Windows 7.

  • I have found that some mods won't be delivered through Steam Workshop while others work fine. I have no idea why. In those cases I search for the mod using Google and download it, typically from CivFanatics.

  • Some mods require the game to restart. All mods in Civ V only appear in the Mod section and must be enabled by clicking the green circular check box in the mod list.

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