No sound in SSFIVAE2012

  • No sound in SSFIVAE2012 ayckoster

    I have SSFIVAE2012 for PC and when I play there is no sound.

    When I start the game there is sound for the ads and the intro movie, but once I am in the menu the game is completely silent, except for the Windows Live commands. If someone comes online I get an acoustic beep signal. So the audio still works, but neither game music nor sound effects are played.

    I checked the volume in the settings and everything seems to be configured correctly.

    The game was copied from from my laptop as I cannot find my original DVD. But I can login and play online. The issue is there is absolutely no sound.

  • I found my original DVD, deleted the "Super Street Fighter IV" directory and installed everything again.

    Now the sound works as expected.

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