Is there a way to stop enemies from boarding?

  • Is there a way to stop enemies from boarding? Lyrion

    While traveling through space I often find myself batteling enemy ships with teleporters in them. Now right at the start of battle they will usually send a boarding party. Is there a way to stop the teleporter before they send enemies to my ship? Because when my weapons are powered up they are already on board.

  • There is an augmentation "Weapon Pre-Igniter" that powers your weapons instantly when you come out of the jump. But even with this it is very hard to stop the teleporter. You need to either have sufficient firepower to bring down the shield and teleport station in one go. Or have enough shield bypassing or enough EMP firepower to be able to bring down the teleport station.

    You also need to keep it down the whole battle, if it is repaired for a short time it will probably instantly teleport boarders on board. (This I think, I have not tested this).

    When I had a ship with the Weapon Pre-Igniter, I never was able to stop the teleporter quick enough to prevent boarding from taking place. I have not tested this very extensively btw.

    Taking out the teleport pad does prevent them from returning to their own ship, a blessing and a curse. (They do not teleport away before you can get the EXP. But on the other hand, you still have boarders on your ship)

    The enemy can't teleport to a cloaked ship or retreat their troops from a cloaked ship. So you can use Stealth Weapons augmentation and cloaking to blast away the teleport pads of the enemy ship.

    And, the Zoltan Shield also prevents ships from teleporting boarders on board. (Events still work).

  • Cloak to prevent the cloak from targeting your ship.

    Weapon pre-igniter to break their teleporter in the first place.

  • Upgrade your doors. It won't prevent boarding but it will definitely slow down the enemies as they have to break down each door before moving between rooms. It's an easy upgrade at the beginning of the game before you can get the more advanced items.

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