Diablo 3: Monster kills only on last hit? + drop question

  • Diablo 3: Monster kills only on last hit? + drop question MidgarZolom

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    How does X% Chance of Finding Magical Items work for a party?

    i was wondering if you get your mob killcount increased by:

    last hit? damage inflichted but not last hit? just standing near a kill?

    Why i came up with it, i play with a mate and he does the damage and i do more tanking and less damage. He got 4 legendaries in 3 runs and me got 0. Which was then his 15-20th in the whole game time. While i only got 4 legendaries during the whole game in almost the same time.

    During the game i always got 150-200% mf more than him 348% my peak value. So we came up with the idea that last hitting minions affects the drop rate.

    Or is it really only luck?

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