How can I rescue my boarding drone from the final boss?

  • How can I rescue my boarding drone from the final boss? user2640

    The image probably speaks for itself.

    The first stage of the final boss in FTL; a deactivated boarding drone is occupying the isolated gatling missing launcher area.

    Is there any way I can entice my boarding drone to come back? If I deactivate/reactive it with power allocation it just goes to sleep and wakes up. It can't go anywhere else and it can't do anything useful where it is.

  • Wow, that's an interesting case.

    I'm going to guess that you can actively fire on the room with ships' weapons and then destroy the drone, which would ready it for re-deployment. It's not a fast solution though, and there exists the real possibility that you will have destroyed the enemy before you "free up" the droid.

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