Can I update offline earned Xbox360 achievements to Live without recovering my gamertag?

Jacob Jordan
  • Can I update offline earned Xbox360 achievements to Live without recovering my gamertag? Jacob Jordan

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    How can I recover my offline lost achievements and saved games?

    About 4 years ago I connected to Xbox Live for the first time. I attained around 4000G before my family moved out to the sticks-as it were- where we don't have any good high-speed internet services. I played offline for a year or so (within which I recovered my gamertag several times to different friends' Xboxes) and gained a few thousand more offline. This is where things went wrong…. I heard the Xbox dashboard had an update, so I brought by Xbox to a friend’s house to download it. I recovered my gamertag to my own xbox in the process... this-of course-wiped all the achievements I had gotten offline. I went from 9,000G's back to 4000G's. This made me sad. And mad. But that's over, I’ve researched that, that isn’t my question.

    Since then I have continued playing offline, and have about 10,000G's again. I know that if I were to go somewhere with high-speed internet and recover my gamertag to my own xbox, I would lose everything all over again, like last time. My question is Is there a way to connect to Xbox Live without recovering my gamertag, but updating all my new achievements to my account? Maybe it will from just connecting to the internet? I feel like there has to be away. Or am I just trapped into never being able to use Xbox Live again without losing a ton of achievements? I just don't want to lose it all again. Thanks for any help I can get!

    This is the closest answer/question to my problem that I've found: How can I recover my offline lost achievements and saved games?

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