Can't cure vampirism: Falion won't interact

  • Can't cure vampirism: Falion won't interact kojiro

    I am tired of being a vampire, so I'm trying to complete the Rising at Dawn quest. I've spoken to Falion initially, given him a filled black soul gem, and met him at dawn in the black swamp, but I can't Speak to Falion, which is the trigger for the ritual to actually cure me. He just stands there. (I've recently drunk blood – this is not about people attacking me.)

    I can talk to him about other things, why he's in Morthal, etc, but I can't trigger the ritual.

    Steam forum suggests this is a glitch and even has a fix, but that fix requires you to type a code in the console. I don't know how to do that in the PS3, if it's even possible.

    I'm having a lot of trouble with the 75% fire weakness. How can I stop being a vampire?

  • If you have not yet completed the Companions quests you can go and do the storyline. Around the middle you get lyncanthropy (turn into a werewolf) and vampirism will be replaced with a kick ass power to turn into a werewolf

  • go with fast travel to any place , then come again with fast travel to Morthal. Then go to the down and you can talk to Falion.

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