How to complete "If They Came To Hear Me Beg" Achievement

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  • Do the halo reach noble achievements need to be completed on the halo reach noble map pack? Such as totally worth it? I know some are specific to the map pack such as the you blew it up achievement.

  • There's a new Killing Floor event happening with new weapons and maps and game modes and all that jazz. There's also one intriguing new achievement — unlocking it gives you a permanent free skin. Mrs. Punkd Get 4 of 6 of the 2013 Summer Event in-game level Achievements, one Standard and one Objective Mode map completion Achievement, plus the Punk'd Achievement to unlock Steampunk Mrs. Foster The emphasized part is giving me trouble. The rest is fairly obvious (unlock Punk'd, complete KF-Steampark, complete KFO-Steampark). What even is an "Event in-game level Achievement"? One

  • I play a lot of Halo Reach multiplayer and the controls are second nature to me. Some friends want to have a Halo 3 night and the controls are very similar, but still just enough different that I'm not doing what I want to be doing during critical times in a fight. Is there a controller configuration in Halo 3 that is equivalent to the default controller configuration in Halo Reach? I know there are obvious features that are not included in Halo 3 that cannot be mapped, so ideally I'd like for those buttons to be as useless as possible

  • Possible Duplicate: What is the fastest way to complete “The Art of Conversation” achievement? I want to collect all the conversation achievements in one thread so it is easier for people to find all the different threads. Usually when people want to do these achievements they will be doing them at the same time and instead of trying to search up all the different threads they are all collected here.

  • Possible Duplicate: Do you receive achievements if you complete them without using the save game feature? I have just started a level, quickly got an achievement I needed. Now can I just quit the level and still have the achievement or do I have to play and complete the level before I gain the achievement?

  • Possible Duplicate: How can I reach the secret level in Diablo III? I was wondering, if there was a Cow-level-kind in Diablo3 and I found this "In the Land of Killer Unicorns", but none of the current comments says anything of How could I get it, or Find the hidden level. How could I find the hidden level?

  • In Knightmare Tower for iOS, you have the ability to skip/bypass a quest by paying gold coins. If I skip a quest by paying for it, will that not allow me to get the Conqueror achievement, which is described as Complete all quests?

  • Umm, just wondering this. I mean, there is a free version of Halo 1 Trial, so is there a free Halo 2 Trial? Though I'm not that bored of Halo 1 Trial, I just want something new to do. Please tell me if there is a free version, or have any information about it.

  • There is an Halo 4 achievement that reads: The Challenger Complete 25 Challenges. My Spartan record shows 25 challenges complete, but I don't have this achievement. What am I missing? Is this achievement broken? If so is there anything I can do to get it to work?

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