Is there quick matchmaking in Shogun 2?

  • Is there quick matchmaking in Shogun 2? Sal

    I was a big fan of the Rome series, and I just recently started back on the Total War series again, by picking up FoTS with Shogun 2. I'm not interested in the campaign or anything, I just want to fight in quick skirmish matches with online players. Does Shogun 2 not support that? (I don't want to go through the lengthy Avatar setup, and I wasn't interested in the multiplayer campaigns. I'm literally just looking for some quick matches, and I wasn't seeing it from the main screen.)

    I'm sure quick matches are supported somewhere, but I can't find them! Any help would be appreciated!

  • Unfortunately, match-making only works for Avatar conquest mode. You can still got into battle-list and join or create so called "classical" battles, but majority of players stick to Avatar mode.

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