Why do I randomly lose Anarchy stacks?

Prinny Brocka
  • Why do I randomly lose Anarchy stacks? Prinny Brocka

    When trying out Gaige, the Mechromancer class, I was trying out the Anarchy skill, which adds an "Anarchy" stack every time you kill or reload after emptying your magazine. It's supposed to lose stacks when you reload a non-empty mag or while you're in Fight for your Life.

    However, I found I constantly just lost stacks for no reason. Even after mapping my Reload key so I couldn't press it and not dying, I would randomly find myself with zero stacks. A friend playing in the same game with the skill noticed the same problem, but he was able to gather many many stacks, mine rarely went above 10 before being randomly lost.

    Is there some unstated reason you can lose Anarchy stacks? Is this a bug or is there some logic to how I'm losing stacks?

  • As fbueckert said, it is entirely possible that you're consuming Anarchy to fuel your other skills. If you're shooting while in mid-air, that will consume Anarchy stacks to fuel your Death From Above skill. And melee-ing while you have at least one stack of Anarchy will consume one stack for your With Claws skills (which I'm thinking is a typo of "Witch Claws").

  • There is a known issue with the Anarchy skill that causes Mechromancers in multi-player games who are not the game host to randomly lose their stacks of Anarchy. Also note that you will rapidly lose stacks while in Fight For Your Life mode, and may lose stacks when fueling skills such as Death From Above, Discord, or With Claws.

  • Yeah, this happens when you switch weapons from your backpack to your equipped weapon or it may happen when you switch weapons before you use up an entire clip of ammo. Only when you're not the host.

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