Is it safe to delete The Witcher's save games from Windows?

  • Is it safe to delete The Witcher's save games from Windows? jv42

    I want to remove most of the old save games from The Witcher that I'm constantly generating while playing (quick saves, autosaves, and manual save points) as I know I won't restart playing from these, and they take quite a lot of space* (20+ MB/save).

    Removing them from the game is nice because I get to see the thumbnail plus location plus save date, but it's a chore with many of them as you have to select and delete them one by one.

    So my question is: can I safely remove them from Windows Explorer, or will it raise issues later with the game (if there is for instance some sort of index)?

    Note: I'm not really worried about running out of HDD space, but I have an automatic backup running over the enclosing folder (the whole path is C:\Users*USERNAME*\Documents\The Witcher\saves) and I'd rather not disable it.

  • No, deleting these save files will not cause any issues.

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