Do animal mobs tend to stick in a pack?

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  • Possible Duplicate: When do mobs despawn in Minecraft? I know that mobs are despanwed in earlier versions of the game. I heard that in the new 1.8 update that mobs are no longer despawned or are saved when they are despawned? Is this true?

  • In the PC version, you were more likely to get a legendary item from a trash mob than a champion/rare pack. However, I've noticed trash mobs drop items very rarely on the console. It seems like the most efficient farming route would be one of the following: Set a checkpoint at Warrior's Rest and farm the rare pack there repeatedly Farm Vault of the Assassin repeatedly Which of these is more efficient, or is there an even better way I'm not aware of?

  • In Max Payne 3 (for Xbox 360), my movement and camera controls are switched from what I expect. In most other games the right stick is movement and the left stick is the camera, but in Max Payne 3 the left stick is movement and the right stick is the camera. What can I do to change that?

  • downforce, and tinkering with suspension, but I can't seem to corner fast enough to stick with the pack. I do understand that Nascar is aggressive and you do need to block the line and train to draft and such, but you need to be in the pack to do that! ...I'm currently racing the A-Spec Extreme series, and despite having won the Nascar Series with a gold, the last race, the best I can do is last. Last by about 15 seconds! I managed to start lapping

  • My Xbox 360 USB stick came up corrupted after I tried to bring over my dad's Forza Motorsport 3 save files as well as the Motorsport Legends Car and Track Pack. I have since used PhotoRec to recover what I can but it recovered two directories worth of data but I have no idea how to go from here. Can someone please tell me how to get those files back onto a different USB from my computer?

  • When attempting the Divided Planet development, much of my work was preventing the villages from destroying each other due primarily from their greed from failed Great Projects. Now I am looking at the Mass Production development and wondering how I could prevent six villages once again from murdering each other. If I can control when villages start their great projects, I could avoid the World Wars and stick to small land skirmishes. I have noticed that if I leave a village with very little, they tend not to start a great project even if they have an upgraded project. What causes a village

  • Possible Duplicate: How do I determine the level and XP reward of mobs in Diablo III? My armor skill tells me it reduces damage from same-level enemies by X%, however how do I know if I'm fighting same-level enemies or not?

  • So, I find myself in the situation of having a far better Blade than any other weapon available to me. (A QL10.1 purp would tend to be.) Fortunately, thanks to doing my vertical progression using... most of the really great passives, as near as I can tell. I also have 10 skill points in the damage tree on every weapon. So I've got options there too. But I just have no idea what to do from all those options? What's an effective Blade/* build for DPS in Elite/NM's (yeah, yeah, I know melee in NM's, can it), as well as for survival DPS soloing elite mobs to farm signets/quest in Transylvania? AP

  • playing the game). Whenever I try to move my character he takes a couple of steps and just freezes mid-step, for as long, as I hold the stick forward. Only ways to keep moving are: change direction of the stick (not always works), use dodge to tumble forward, release the stick, and move it again. Please note it's not the question of the game lagging or freezing; it's only my character that stops moving. I'm also sure my controllers (both of them) work fine - I have no problems in any other game with proper functioning of left stick. I tried to do a search for possible solutions

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