Which NPCs are considered hostiles, and which are considered civilians? Also, does killing a civilian add more chaos compared to killing a hostile?

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  • that determines whether the road will be blocked or not? Searching around, I've found several different theories: The Wiki page for the Ridgeway says that it depends on your mission status: If Prison... destroyed it only if you've got a mission in that direction. Several people, including this post on the Gearbox forums, seem to indicate that it's just random. One person suggests that "if you kill...I've been traveling back to T-Bone Junction to finish some of the missions, and I find on my way to the Sunken Sea that some of the time, the Ridgeway is blocked halfway through so that you have

  • I started playing through dishonored killing everything in sight. Then, at the end of Lady Boyle's Last Mission, Emily asks Corvo how many people did he kill, and he finds a note that shows how... gravestone. I'd read that it is possible to turn around Chaos, but didn't know if it takes longer than I had from that point. Does anyone know how long it takes to turn around Chaos, and which actions... and not killing anyone- even the targets- my Chaos was still high at the very end. In fact, at the boat, Samuel gives me a dustoff saying that I was brutal when I didn't need to be, and had

  • the Excursion Funnel Dual Pit Experiment - Do the same test twice The Part Where He Kills You - This is that part Lunacy - That just happened Optional Achievements You actually have to earn these by doing specific tasks in the single player campaign. Many of these videos show how to beat certain chambers and should be considered spoilers Drop Box - Place a cube on a button without touching...Being the achievement whore that I am, and knowing that others out there are as well, I thought it'd be good to have a centralized place where you can see what you have to do to get them all. Single

  • questions to further this goal: Any tips and tricks on staying hidden? What are efficient ways of killing enemies stealthily? Any abilities I should focus on? How do enemies detect the player character? Do the sounds you make matter? Do enemies notice gunfire even if it is not hitting them? Does walking slower or crouch-walking help? What about usage of abilities? How do sight and light..." of alertness? Once you're spotted, is hiding effective, or will the enemies instantly and constantly know where you're hiding? Do enemies get alerted if you kill one of them, or come across upon a dead

  • , will that Ebony Blade also be powered up? If not, how do I power it up? Do I have to kill people again per console command-added Ebony Blade? If I give a console command-procured Ebony Blade to a follower... (increase the Absorb Health effect of) the Ebony Blade. I wasn't sure that the Ebony Blade was being powered-up so I checked out UESP's article about it which stated that "For every two such NPCs that are killed with the blade, Mephala will speak to you". Mephala never spoke to me while I did the killing, so I finished the Ebony Blade's related quest (The Whispering Door) without using console

  • browsing among other questions of similar nature I see that apparently saving all the little sisters gives you a different ending. My question(s) are thus; Does saving or killing all of the little sisters effect my gained ADAM in any way? Does saving or killing all of the little sisters make the game harder in any way? (other than the game being more difficult as a result of less aquired ADAM... Possible Duplicate: Rescue or Harvest? I've reached the point in Bioshock where it seems I have a choice to either kill or otherwise do something else (save?) my first little sister. I

  • can get a house and store stuff there. I have completed Learning Faerlie so that I can talk to the necessary NPCs, and I have a reputation of 40 000 with Kelethin. According to both Considering Kelethin and Kelethin: Citizenship I need to speak to Gibrien Marsden to start the respective quest (before going to the Fae Royal Hall to speak to one of two NPCs there - I cannot access them... citizenship track. Is it possible that I am already a citizen? If so, how do I confirm this?

  • Mission Guilllotine Secure the bank Enter the bank undetected How do you defeat the scenario where you are ambushed after sneaking into the bank? The knife is facing into the bad guy... - which button to use my knife? Answer: For xbox, right button is the knife. Look in your game manual, and watch a walkthrough on youtube for the mission. From Battlefield3Online.com: After you and your partner climb through the window an enemy barges in and grabs your partner. You're supposed to melee the enemy but I get killed every time. Anyone having similar issues? How do you get past

  • : Pickpocketing her (she doesn't have it) Adding via console. I got the item id's here: http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Armor I get 'Item X Added', yet it doesn't actually show up in my inventory. I'm running: player.additem 00036584 1 I also found this: http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Thieves_Guild_(faction)#Fences Notes: (IMPORTANT!) When you obtain the Thieves Guild Armor DO... will not receive the Achievement/Trophy (One with the Shadows) of Restoring the Thieves Guild. This is because Tonilia is the last objective. Anyone know why I can't add this item via console?

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