How does CC work on Goblins?

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  • Tenacity reduces the time of crowd control effects(such as a suppress) So if we take Warwick's ult : ACTIVE: Warwick blinks to target enemy champion, suppressing the target for 1.8 seconds and damaging the target 5 times in 1/3-second intervals. Warwick gains 30% life steal for the duration. Each of his strikes triggers on-hit effects and benefits from life steal and full stacks of Eternal Thirst. And he uses his ult on a champion with 35% tenacity making the suppress last for 1.17. This is not enough time to do 5 attack with a 1/3 second interval. Does this mean that he will only do

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  • Does riding a pig consume hunger? DISREGARD MODS ACQUIRE REP

    Possible Duplicate: How can you burn your hunger bar the fastest in minecraft? One of the latest dev versions, introduced a "carrot on a stick" item to control pig movement. My question is, when riding a pig, does it consume hunger from your bar? Thanks.

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