Total War Shogun 2 : stuck on Splash screen

  • Total War Shogun 2 : stuck on Splash screen loosebruce

    This problem has been bugging me for the best part of half a year now, resulting in me not being able to play one of my favourite games. It all happened around the time I got the DLC for Fall Of The Samurai.


    • Click on icon to launch Total War Shogun 2 in Steam
    • Game asks to start in Direct X mode (Dx9 or Dx10 is enabled)
    • Select either one and the game loads to the Loading / Legal screen.
    • Wait for 10 minutes and the game is still on that screen.
    • Ctrl+Alt+Del to desktop and see that "Shogun 2 is not responding" in task manager.

    Computer Specs (DxDiag)

    Things I have tried

    • Updated Sound and Graphics drivers
    • Updated BIOS for motherboard to latest version (1.2)
    • Reinstalled Shogun 2 on steam
    • Verified Game integrity on steam
    • Changed graphics cards
    • Searched Registry for "Incredibar" malware , not found on system
    • Disabled SLI on Nvidia control panel

    All of these have not solved my problem.

    I am really running out of ideas what to do here. It makes no sense why this does not work.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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