Why would I want to use a laser scope?

  • Why would I want to use a laser scope? Aubergine

    Some of the weapons in Max Payne 3 have a laser scope attached to them. While this is pretty cool, I actually find it more difficult to aim with these guns as the laser scope disables my targeting reticule, making it more difficult to figure out what I'm going to hit when I shoot (the beam points where Max is pointing the gun, which most time isn't where my shots end up when firing).

    Are there any advantages to the laser sight that I am overlooking? Currently I just turn it off if I happen to pick up a weapon that has one.

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  • I'm not sure if its just my own perception or not, but while sniping in Battefield 3, it seems as though depending on the map, the scope measures a distance. In other words, in a small map, a scope dot is a smaller distance than one in a large map even though i am using the same gun. Does the scope scale or is it just my own mind tricking me? EDIT: I wanted to add why I want to know. I relate... 600m instead of the 500m. So then i have to adjust the position of the scope. Again, the numbers aren't accurate to the game but it illustrates my question better (I hope). EDIT 2: Since

  • Any gun with a scope has no magnification whatsoever. I've tried it with a couple modded in guns as well as vanilla. If its worth anything, the issue is the same with binoculars. I get the special crosshairs and all, but no magnification. EDIT: I just spawned in a vanilla hunting rifle along with a scope mod to check one more time. There IS magnification but its barely noticeable, definitely not a 3.5x magnification.

  • I've been recently trying to figure out all the changes with the latest Battlefield 3 update and the one that's baffling me a lot is laser designating. After the patch, if a guided missle/javelin hits a vehicle that you laser designated(and it hit it while you had the designation), you'll get a seemingly random point bonus somewhere from 1-99 points. Sometimes I'll get two bonuses from two missles that add up to more than 100, so I guess it's not damage. And sometimes, when it hits a smaller vehicle I'll only get 49 points even though the vehicle is destroyed. What calculation goes

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  • As an AI, once commanding officers start busting down my door, I want my lasers firing on them even if they're just so much as lying down in my upload chamber. I've been taken down before as Head of Personnel by a barrage of AI turret laser fire, without having any chance to get up. Is it possible to have your turrets fire lethal laser shots at someone trapped in your upload/core, and if so, how do you make them do so? Note that I know how to change my turrets to lethal, and my only confusion is if you can manually fire them, and if so, how.

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  • When firing a multi-shot weapon in FTL: Faster than Light, such as the Burst Laser Mk II, Each shot has a separate chance to hit or miss it's target. Say I'm firing at an Engine Bay on an Automated Scout with no shields. For the purposes of this example, lets say that the ship's current evade chance is 20%, and the Engine Bay is fully powered and has 2 hitpoints. I fire my lazor Burst Laser Mk... the original 20% chance, or the new 15% chance? When does the enemy ship's evade chance get calculated?

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