What is the advantage of VERY-RARE items over Common or Rare items?

Liam W
  • What is the advantage of VERY-RARE items over Common or Rare items? Liam W

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    What are the differences in ingress portal shield types?

    I had a portal shield marked as common, which I used.

    When I hacked some portals I got some more portal shields - this time marked as RARE and VERY_RARE. I placed these 2 portal shields on the same portal.

    What is the difference between these items? Is it uncommon to get rare items - do they provide greater shielding ability?

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  • As Ingress Field Guide(along with many other Ingress game guides) states that each portal shield placed after the first one will have diminished effect. Portal Shield: A type of MOD that can be installed on a Portal to increase its defense against attacks. You can deploy up to 4 shields per portal, but each shield has diminished effect after the first one. What I wonder is, ordering of the shields after the first one is differed or not. I mean, Placing VR, R, C, C * and VR, C, C, R * are differed in effect? * VR: Very Rare, R: Rare, C: Common

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  • On the ingress intel map http://ingress.com/intel I can see how many shields are deployed on both friendly and enemy portals. Is it possible to see how many shields and of which level are deployed to an enemy portal in ingress tactical - ingress app. As far as I know I can only see whether the portal has a shield or not, but I cannot say how power is it, does anyone know a way to say except to consult to intel map.

  • obtained portal shields are stronger. If you farmed those shields in last few months they have same stats as old shields. Only new farmed shields have new stats: Old shields: Common +6 Rare +8 Very Rare +10 New shields: Common +10 Rare +20 Very Rare +30 ...With the new levels of shields available as of 3 June 2013, is there an indication of how much protection each shield will give a portal? Similarly, do they contribute to the XM drain

  • There are different pet types in Dungeon Quest (iOS and Android) and each pet type has a main ability unique to them. For imps, the ability is Horde: Picks up normal and unused loot and converts to rarer items. I've seen an imp get a normal (white) drop and convert it to a magical (blue) drop. I have yet too see an imp convert a magical item to rare (yellow) or rare to epic (orange). What does the 'unused loot' mean in the ability?

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