Can I create or edit a track in local multiplayer?

Sir. Egole
  • Can I create or edit a track in local multiplayer? Sir. Egole

    In LittleBigPlanet Karting, is it possible for two people (on one PS3) to create/edit a track together in co-op multiplayer? I have been unable to find a way.

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  • In RollerCoaster Tycoon, when I'm building a roller coaster, sometimes I screw up somewhere in the middle and have to bulldoze to fix it. When I bulldoze to create a break in the track, I often find that I have to fix the track before the break, then click the little "next section" arrow dozens of times to get all the way around to the track section after the break and fix it as well. Is there some way, when constructing a roller coaster with a break in the track, that I can quickly jump from one side of the break to the other without having to click the arrows to go all the way around?

  • I am trying to play with the optimal settings regarding game performance. But yet again, I still enjoy playing with some great graphical settings. To balance this out, I would love to know; Are there any way that I can see my FPS in-game? Or track the FPS after a game? (EDIT: I often use the unit preloader aswell - I can recommend this)

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  • Using command blocks or NBT-edit (or even enchanted books in creative I think), you can create horse armor with enchantments. Do enchantments like Protection or even Sharpness have an effect when the armor is equipped on the horse? So will the Protection enchantment actually protect the horse from taking damage? It would be great to have these features for a PVP map.

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  • I am playing as a gnome conjurer in EverQuest II. This is my second character on this account, so I got the option of starting in Kelethin. I am trying to fast-track citizenship in Kelethin so that I can get a house and store stuff there. I have completed Learning Faerlie so that I can talk to the necessary NPCs, and I have a reputation of 40 000 with Kelethin. According to both Considering... citizenship track. Is it possible that I am already a citizen? If so, how do I confirm this?

  • I just bought Shadowrun from Games for Windows, and I've had this game for Xbox 360 for a long time now. I'm trying to get the achievement for playing 100 matches as each class and I was wondering if I had to play all 100 matches again on the PC or if a server keeps track of my previous amount of playtime from when I played it on the Xbox 360? Shadowrun is one of the few games where PC and Xbox 360 user can play cross-platform, so I can hope the stats transfer between the two.

  • Me and a friend got Worms Revolution and one of our favorite tings to do is play in a game with all non-player slots filled with CPU worms for more carnage. In local multiplayer this is still possible, but if you can do it in online multiplayer we haven't found out how. Is there any way to create an online game with bots in Worms Revolution?

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