Minecraft Force Update Problem

  • Minecraft Force Update Problem Bobbybobbo

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    Minecraft 1.4.6 Force Update Problem

    In Minecraft 1.4.6 I wanted to download a mod so I did force update. I checked back in the file but the other normal files weren't there. I downloaded the mod anyways (Too Many Items) But it didn't work. How do I fix this?

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  • I'm running a private Feed-the-Beast MindCrack server for Minecraft 1.4.6. I'm about to open the server to a friend who is inexperienced with Minecraft and I'm concerned about creeper damage. Is there a server-side mod compatible with with Minecraft 1.4.6 & the MindCrack modpack which is able to nerf creeper explosions such that they do not break blocks? Bukkit is not an option as it is not compatible with this modpack.

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  • When I go onto my .minecraft folder I go to versions to get a mod (because bin file is not there any more because of the update) but my 1.7.4 folder is not there please help.

  • I really need help. I used the "1.2.5 cheat pack 1.5 #2 singleplayer" mod by putting all files in minecraft.jar + deleting the META- INF and it worked great. Next time I opened the game the mod wasn't there. I reinstalled the mod and still didn't work. So I reinstalled minecraft and the mod and it worked again. But when I played it for the 2nd time the mod stopped working again. Any ideas??? Is something in the minecraft.jar being overwritten? Or what could the problem be?

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  • I can see several Minecraft furniture mods that are available that are explicitly listed as being compatible with older versions, (up to 1.6.4). Are any of them compatible with the current release 1.7.4, or do I need to wait for the developers update the mod due to version incompatibility. Does using a recent mod loader such as Forge 1.7.4 help with bridging compatibility issues? I'm happy to consider single player mods too.

  • I just bought Thief for PS4 and installed the first update. Curious about what the first update includes, this is what I saw1: Following features are added: - Super feature - Bug fixes - Make sure to visit https://ps4.scedev.net/docs/ps4-en,Content_Information-Specifications-orbis,Update_Information/1 The link is dead, but I'm more interested in this so-called "super feature"; what is it? All I can find online is a mention of an update for the PC version, and a 6 GB update for the Xbox One2. 1: Press the OPTIONS button and select "Update History" to view a game's update

  • I'm unable to connect my Kindle Fire HDX and Kindle Fire HD on Minecraft PE v0.8.1 alpha. Both devices are connected to the same network and are running the same version of Minecraft PE. The problem seems to have come with the last update, as I was able to connect them before. How can I fix this problem and be able to connect my devices again?

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