Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Item List?

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  • One of the weapons in Nitrome Must Die is the Dragon Ball. Through name and appearance, it appears to be based off of the Dragon Breath weapon from Castle Corp, where it is the most expensive item and fires an immensely powerful ball of purple energy that passes through walls and deals tons of damage. The Dragon Ball doesn't quite seem to have that same flair in Nitrome Must Die. Is it truly a weak weapon that does pitiful damage and can't even punch through walls anymore, or does it have a special utility (kinda like the Peashooter and Toast) that produces its full power?

  • When Mortal Kombat 9 came out, I picked up the Kombat Stick controller (not to be confused with the Klassic Fight Stick from the same peripheral maker). Does the Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection recognize it or is it a one-trick pony that works only with the latest Mortal Kombat?

  • Invisibility gives a precious advantage at Firetop Mountain, but it lasts only three turns and you need to quickly make the best use of it as it may give you a crucial advantage. What are the best str...

  • I've been playing A Dark Room, and have noticed that the game auto-saves. While this is great, it means I can't play my save on another device, presumably because it saves to my cookies or IP. I've gotten as far as The Dusty Path, but cannot seem to navigate it on my tablet. If I go to my laptop to continue, will my progress be lost? If so, is there any way to preserve it?

  • Possible Duplicates: What is the cap for equipment modifiers? What's the formula for the range of enchantment values on an item? So, I thought this would (should) be easy to find, but I've had little luck thus far. I am looking for a list of affix (stat) ranges for arbitrary iLvl gear. Of course you can go here to find a list of all base gear, but no mention of affix (or base dps) ranges can be found. It would be handy to know how well an item is rolled, but I've had no luck so far. I search here and looked through the first ten pages of results, but I didn't come up

  • Whenever I play ilomilo, I can't keep track of which character is ilo (Ilona), and which character is milo (Milton). I really enjoy ilomilo, but I need to know which -ilo is which, because in ilomilo I'm constantly getting my milo confused with my ilo, and my ilo confused with my milo. I feel that calling your ilo milo and your milo ilo kind of ruins the cheery atmosphere you feel when you play as ilo and milo in ilomilo. TL;DR: Which character is 'ilo', and which one is 'milo'?

  • I'm starting to play DoTA, and in order to not get lost in the game, I keep a hero guide open. The other day, I picked the Nerubian Assasin, and when I checked his entry in the guide and started to follow the item order, I couldn't find the third item on the Core Items list. The item functions by storing up charges every time an opponent casts a spell near by, and then you can use these charges to gain health and mana. Additionally, it is the result of mixing other items together in a recipe. I was unable to find that item in particular in a more general item guide. Can anyone identify

  • I am new to the game and trying to decide where to put my points. The manual seams to be a bit vague when it come to stat descriptions, however it does say: Shield - Additional blocking points. So I assume this is useless if you are dual-wielding? Also, is it possible to re-distribute the stat points at a later date?

  • Items in the town bank seem to be broken in to four categories: Resources, Armoury, Furniture, and Miscellaneous. However I haven't been able to find a list of what items can be found or what they actually do. Is there an item list anywhere?

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