I'm looking to play with the unique R/C cars only available in the demo versions — How can I do this?

  • I'm looking to play with the unique R/C cars only available in the demo versions — How can I do this? Allan

    Re-Volt has different demo versions which have different, unique R/C cars only available in each version (and not available in the full version). I would like to try those unique cars.

    Example of a unique car in a demo version ('Gamespot' demo version):

    enter image description here
    The car at the right is the unique "Gamespot" car.

    Here are the unique cars and the demo versions that I'm looking for:

    Demo name — Version — Unique Car

    PCXL (PC Accelerator) — v0.01pcxl — PC Accelerator (grey, based on the 'Aquasonic' R/C car)

    RIVATNT2 (Nvidia Corp) — v0.01nvidia — RIVATNT2 (green or blue, based on the 'Aquasonic' R/C car)

    Gamecenter — v0.01gamecenter — Gamecenter (red, based on the 'Aquasonic' R/C car)

    Creative (Creative Labs Ltd.) — v0.01creativelabs — unknown

    McDonalds (Ziff Davis Media) — v0.01ziffdavis — unknown

    Note: The Re-Volt Wiki lists some of the demo versions, but it is incomplete.

    I'm looking to get the unique RC cars ony available in the demo versions - how can I do this, or can anyone point me to where I can get these demo versions?

pc re-volt
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