How is profitability calculated?

  • How is profitability calculated? Callum

    On the driver screen there are a variety of profit statistics, profit per day and profit per mile.

    mine always seem to be very negative as you can see from this picture


    what numbers are included when calculating profitability in Euro Truck Simulator 2?

  • It can all depend on how slow you drive, how much fuel you use, or how much damage you receive. If you arrive late, you can lose money, too. I hope this helps.

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  • I know how to navigate to spm on tiny tower but am unable do do so on tiny death star. Also does sales per minute mean purchases per minute or total profit per minute. If it just means sales per minute how can I view profit per minute.

  • Why is it that even when I offer a merchant profits of over 3k, he first counteroffers with him getting profit of over 6k after which I lower his profit to 5k and he counteroffers for a profit of over 9k? I ended up having to give him 7k profit because that trade was going to give me a lot of much needed materials. Usually, traders will accept as low as 1k profit; why were these demands suddenly so high? Does it have to do with the fact that I brought a lot of goods to the depot, or is there some other factor I'm missing?

  • As I am playing as a commander sometimes I always ask myself this question: Where is the point, when a resource node starts to create profit? When does it actually makes sense to build a mineral node, when I know it is not in a safe area? A resource node costs 10 resources. I have no idea how long it takes to generate +1 mineral, I suppose something like 30secs. So if I would know all parameters I would be able to calculate how long it takes for the resource node to actually drop off some profit and if the risk is worth it. How do other commanders decide situations like this?

  • The stalk market badge in New Leaf has a badge for making a profit selling turnips. The bronze requires a total cumulative profit of 500,000 bells. I'm interested to know how this is calculated - if you keep making a loss every week, do you end up with a massive negative overall profit (which you'd have to claw back before you could even begin working back towards the badge), or does it bottom out at zero? For example, let's say we spend 100,000 bells on turnips one week, and only sell them for 50,000. Is my total profit now -50,000 or zero?

  • I just started a new game and getting the Daedra banishing enchantment is high on my list of things to do early on. With it, I can turn simple iron daggers into a huge profit which will open a lot of doors for me early in the game. It seems that finding a weapn with this enchantment is all random, but I am wondering if these weapons show up more in a particular area or if it depends on my level.

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  • I have just started playing Civ 5 and I'm confused regarding the tiles. When you built a city you get an amount of tiles around it, and when your population increases you get to assign a citizen to work in each tile. When you get workers you can build on the tiles, however when i try to build on a tile that is being worked on i get a notification that the profit is going to be modified or something like that...... What does this mean?. If i for example modify a tile that is being worked on and build a Plantation does it mean that the profit out of it will low?.

  • My problem is that when I place down my ME controller the Leadstone energy cables and industrialcraft cables don't connect to it, as shown in the picture below. They were connecting earlier though and nothing has changed since.

  • Losing lots of money monkeyman1188

    gaining. In the villages/cities i have income from the housing rest, but the building costs and labour costs are putting my profit into loss. This is occuring through most of my villages and i am struggling to keep my campaign afloat. Has anyone got any decent sollutions on how to get a village into good profit and to keep it that way. How many residences should i build, why is there building costs? and how do i get the labour costs down? i have about 10 trade routes active but even that cant seem to maintain the profit many thanks

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