What are the indicators near players in nba2k11?

  • What are the indicators near players in nba2k11? pgb

    I've been playing NBA 2k11 in the Wii, and I've noticed several indicators appear near the players. So far, I've seen some that I can't understand their meaning:

    • A number 3 (you can see it on Paul Pierce, from the Celtics)
    • A strength bar
    • Some other icons I can't even identify!

    Is there any online guide I can check to learn this?

  • The 3 indicates that the player has a three point shot

    The strength bar that i think you are refering to is the players turbo and his fatigue level

    The other icons that you can't recognise may be due to the wii poor graphics capabilites and not the icons itself but i could be wrong (never played it on the wii only on PS3)

    hope this helps.

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