Do I get rewards for my title rankings?

  • Do I get rewards for my title rankings? FAE

    In Harvest Moon: A New Beginning, when going to my Bookshelf, if I look at Picture Book > Various Data, the games shows all sorts of statistics, such as "Times Cooked", "Critters Caught", "Items Foraged", etc.

    I received a popup while catching critters that I was now ranked as a Novice Catcher, which you can see below:

    Titles 1

    Under the categories I'm not yet ranked in, I can see that there are bronze, silver, and gold ranking levels for each title, which you can see here:

    Titles 2

    Will I get any sort of reward, like blueprints or seeds, for ranking up in these titles, or are these just random statistics for recordkeeping's sake? For example, there's one for "Poison Mushrooms Eaten", and I'm kind of leery of trying to rank up in that unless I really get something good for it.

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