Utility of level 3 sensors?

  • Utility of level 3 sensors? Shaderach

    Among all the discussion surrounding FTL, one thing I have not seen is a verdict on the wisdom/idiocy of upgrading to level 3 sensors.

    For those of you who never have, doing so allows you to see the power distribution and damage status of the enemy systems in the same format by which you see your own. (individual upgrade bars, repair status, etc.)

    I've gone to level 3 twice, both times I was spoiled with scrap. I found it mildly interesting but it did not influence my SOP in combat.

    Where or when would level 3 sensors make sense, if ever?

  • Level 3 sensors have a non-combat benefit, since having them will present additional blue options in some encounters.

    Another benefit of seeing their systems is that you can see the cooldown on their cloak (if they have it), which can help you make decisions when firing weapons or teleporting crew in.

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