Max number of familiars?

Gnupun Xd
  • Max number of familiars? Gnupun Xd

    In Blood Brothers, what's the max number of familiars you can hold? My current limit is 50. Is there anything I can do to increase the max count?

  • As you progress through the games quests, you will unlock more formations and your capacity will increment by 2 each time you trigger that reward. When I played I had a capacity of 62 familiars.

  • I heard the limit was removed. I have 74.

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  • I was wondering, when using familiars whose both levels are on max, you get anything when you engage in battles or not as they are on max? If this is the case do you still use familiars Who are on maximum stats? Thanks.

  • Does the level of a familiar have any impact on its metamorphosis? Let's say I have two mites. If one of them is max level and the other one is the minimum level required to morph, and I morph them both to their next form, will the resultant two familiars be any different? Excluding learned skills, some of which I realize are learned beyond the minimum morph level for certain familiars. I'm asking primarily about attribute points.

  • I have a few very closely related questions about feeding treats to familiars: How precious are treats in general, or specifically those of certain types? Can I undo giving treats to a familiar? For instance, I don't want to max out Mitey with earlier treats if there will be much better ones later in the game. How can I tell if a treat will teach a new ability to a familiar? Will it be very clear or an outright surprise? For what it's worth I did consider listing these as separate questions, but I didn't think they would be substantial enough to each stand on their own.

  • Is there an option or possibility to show the exact number of max. and current health of enemies and allies?

  • I need stardrops to upgrade my familiars and to win the trophy. Where can I farm these and the other drops, such as moondrops and sundrops?

  • I just got the second character in my party (Esther). Now I can exchange familiar between characters. I just have been told that some characters will be a better match with some familiars. I have also been told to go to into "Friend & Familiars" menu to check which match will be best. I don't know what to look for making the best match between familiars and characters.

  • When evolving two familiars of the same type, does the skill experience of the seed get transferred to the spawn? I currently have 2 x Baego, Red Drake familiars with the following stats: Level 70, Skill Level 8 Level 1, No skill experience Obviously I wan't to use the max level one as my seed so I get the 10% stats transfer bonus. But will the skill experience I have earned go across too? I no I could try this myself, but I am not ready to evolve yet. I want to build up the new one first while I use my veteran version as a back-up and for PvP battles. If the stats do not transfer

  • I have noticed that a few community MvM servers allow more than the default 6 players per team. What cvar needs to be set or what mod needs to be installed on the server to set the max allowed players to a higher (or lower) number? I would prefer setting a variable over a mod, but will go for a mod if there is no stock functionality for changing max team size.

  • How does buying familiars through PayPal work in Blood Brothers RPG? Like, how does the purchased familiar get transferred to the buyer's account?

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