How do I de-lock away from enemies?

  • How do I de-lock away from enemies? DISREGARD MODS ACQUIRE REP

    I'm fairly new to the Assassins Creed series, and one thing that's been bugging me like crazy is locking on to enemies. Sometimes, when I'm running away from guards, I end up accidently locking on to one of them, making me unable to run around at my leisure.

    How do I get rid of lock on?

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  • The game manual does not mention locking on, nor does the in game video that describes combat. However, numerous reviews mention the fact that they found the combat difficult / annoying until they learned of the lock on feature. On the other hand, just as many reviews complain about the lack of a lock on feature. Does such a feature exist? If so, how do you lock on to enemies?

  • for a lock indicator to just pop up for them. It's not worth my time in a lot of cases for me to chase them down just to stun them, often they'd trigger a chase and not know where the heck I am. So I'd just stay hidden in my blend group as they trot away and get my escape. Do escapes count toward my kill streaks? If it does, does it also count for multiple escapes? i.e., Two pursuers in a chase, one big escape from both of them, two points for the kill streak or one? I couldn't tell myself whether or not they were adding up as it doesn't happen too often for me.

  • I tried to enable a god mode in a game I play. Even though I found the health value on the correct address, locking the memory region did not stop enemies from killing me. That means, that the real value might be sitting somewhere else.I found only this one memory address with the exact value of my health though, which is represented as a float in the game, since it can contain values like e.g. 333,9. What would be a general strategy to find the real value? I am using the latest Version of Cheat Engine. ps.: I am doing this to strengthen my skills of reverse engineering with something

  • Enemy archers in Demon's Souls will see me and start shooting at me from really far away. Is the range at which I can lock on to them increased by a stat or is there a ring that would increase the lock distance?

  • Possible Duplicate: How do I determine the level and XP reward of mobs in Diablo III? My armor skill tells me it reduces damage from same-level enemies by X%, however how do I know if I'm fighting same-level enemies or not?

  • I am slowly working through the Tutorials; the beginning tutorial seems to be bugged right now (just drops my ship on a map, no popup or anything at all) and in the missiles one ... my 'target' Mr. T (not from A-team) ran out of taunts and was begging me to end his life, because I took so much time working out the auto lock :(. How important is combat in the main game; is it possible to mostly/completely avoid it? My crappy skills aside, I'm not exactly enthused with the combat mechanics and would prefer to play it as a 3X game without the last 'eXterminate' spoiling my enjoyment.

  • The Striker/Bruiser accomplishments/achievements/tropies require you to "Kill 25/100 enemies with melee attacks" respectively. Seeing as I'm the "shoot enemies from far away as possible" type of player, I rarely get up close and personal, however, Husks that latch on to you can be killed by a melee counter. I wonder - does killing off a Husk latching on to you with the melee button count as a melee kill or do I have to actually kill enemies with the melee button?

  • The first time I saw multiple enemies and one got behind me, a party member yelled "They're flanking us!", so now when I see multiple enemies I usually try to back up until I have my back against a wall so none can get behind me. Does this even matter, though? Do enemies get bonuses for attacking from the side or the rear, or is it all just the same as if they're in front of you?

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    To make a long story short, I need to lock my Xbox when I'm away from the house to prevent my youngest sibling from getting into it on the occasions he's left home alone. Is there a way to lock it so that he can't use it? I searched through settings on the console but found nothing to indicate a way to lock it, such as a password required to boot. Obviously I could do something like take the power brick but I want to check for a better way.

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