Does overclocking the usb polling rate for a mouse have any side effects?

  • Does overclocking the usb polling rate for a mouse have any side effects? emmett

    I have a 125mhz simple Microsoft mouse and have been using it overclocked at 500mhz. However I seem to face a little mouse lag.

    Is this possible? Can overclocking mice cause lag problems?

  • As I researched a bit into this, overclocking your mouse/usb port should not have any side effects on your system or mouse, this including any glitch or damage. But only if you did your over clocking correctly.

    At 125mhz the delay is 8ms and at 500 the delay should be at 4ms.

    But every mouse has its built in speed limit, overclocking it too 500 doesn't mean that it will achieve 500 for sure.

    So the bottom line is, no, overclocking should not create mouse lag problems if you did it correctly.

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