Where is the Don't Starve save file located on Linux?

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  • Where is the Don't Starve save file located on Linux? General Stubbs

    I know that the save file is located in the Appdata folder for windows, where is it located in Ubuntu 12.04? I am using Google Chrome for both operating systems.

    I wish to know this because I want to move my save from Windows to Ubuntu.

  • ~/.steam/steam/userdata/219740/ I believe.

    This is taken from looking on forums and comparing to the windows version.

  • A big thank you to Avelarius on the Don't Starve forum for finding the location.


    /Users/username/AppData/Local/Google/Chrome/User Data/Profile 1/File System/001/p/01 is the place in Windows.

    /home/username/.config/google-chrome/Default/File System/000/p/00 is the place in linux

    I am still having troubles with actually getting the save to work though.

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