What are some well-written guides for World of Warcraft?

  • What are some well-written guides for World of Warcraft? antony.trupe

    What are some well-written guides to follow to discover and explore different aspects of WoW, including but not limited to leveling, raiding, professions, classes?

  • Gamefaqs has a bunch of guides.

  • This is a rather broad question, since it really depends what you intend to walk through. (WoW is a large world, and there's a lot to do.)

    • At Wowhead you can find user comments regarding just about anything in the game - quests, boss fights, zones, items, you name it.
    • Wowpedia has a lot of the same information, but they also have class-specific guides and "spec" builds. So, for example, if you want to know how to build a druid to do end-game raid healing, there's a guide for that.
    • WoW Insider has columnists that cover everything from world events to specific class minutiae. (Despite the domain name, it's not an official site...)

    Those are the big 3 that I look at on a regular basis.

  • I would start with the listed guides on the official site if you are new to the game in general. If you are wanting to find a guide for leveling, I would highly recommend Jame's and for professions WoW-Professions.

    Hope that helps.

  • WoW.com has a bunch of guides here. They're pretty generic though, which may not suit what you're after, but the problem with Warcraft guides is they can be invalidated by each new patch, so generic guides tend to hold up better.

    Other sites like TenTonHammer and Allakhazam are also good resources.

  • dont miss thottbot.com, i find it pretty actualized, and very easy to navigate, ther are also some resources you can buy for leveling, or gather gold or reputation, as someone said before you need to be a bit more specific about the question

  • An addition to a very old post:

    Blizzard themselves have a game guide available for World of Warcraft. You find it when you log in to your account and go to your wow game. There you see the Download the Beginner's Guide. It is quite extensive and should give a good start for any newcomer to World of Warcraft.

    Beginners Guide

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