How to get more gargoyle dust

  • How to get more gargoyle dust Eric

    I finished the gargoyle contract in Loc Muine but I didn't farm them to get enough gargoyle dust for the Kinslayer outfit. Is there any way to get more dust? I am willing to hack save file if that's what it takes, by any, I mean any. I am playing to PC

  • The gargoyles stop spawning after you do the contract so you are at loss there. The only other way I know for getting the dust is by doing the quest From a Bygone Era. Where attacking the operator will spawn Gargoyles. But you need to have started the quest in Act II tho.

  • You can still get them. In the quest "SECRETS OF LOC MUINE", when you decide to help Cynthia, you'll go through the second guardian (that burning Mordor eye). Then when your answer is incorrect, 3 gargoyles will spawn in there - kill em and the prize is yours.

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