Is my regional highway ramp supposed to use power?

  • Is my regional highway ramp supposed to use power? user16531

    Context: After bulldozing my entire city to start fresh with the money saved up, I found that my budget was running at -240 pr hour because of power cost to the highway ramp (to region).

    Question: Is this a bug, or working as intended?

    Info about the city.

    • The city is on year three and I have about 4 million credits on hand (Maxed out taxes, turned off all the utilities, and let it run until I was making less than 5k pr hour. Then I bulldozed everything).
    • The -240 shows up under "Power" in the budget.
    • When I use the map tool for power I can see the little strip of highway sticking into the city (the part you can't remove) light up red. (Nothing else shows up when using all the various map data views).
    • I am 100% sure that there is nothing in the city.

    Speculation: Maybe there is a trigger for this once the city gets going, as a game balance element?

  • It seems like bulldozing buildings doesn't always properly release the 'resources' that they are using. Before taking out a 'ploppable' make sure to power it off first, check that all of the vehicles have returned then bulldoze it.

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