How can I transfer system data to a new 3DS without using System Transfer?

  • How can I transfer system data to a new 3DS without using System Transfer? BAKERTRON9

    I recently punched my 3DS while playing Mario Kart and cracked the screen. I've bought a new 3DS console, but can't do a System Transfer because the broken 3DS can't connect to the internet.

    Is there any way I can use the old SD card with all of my saved data in my new 3DS? I tried to transfer the data, from the old card to the new card, but the data will not appear in the new console. I don't want to lose my Ambassador Certificate and NES & Gameboy games!

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  • . UPDATE #4: Went back in the store today after waiting ~20 minutes for the system transfer, all my previous account activity is no on my new 3DS, happy days! So I guess as long as the store has your old... want to keep your old games from console to console, you need to do a system transfer. To be fair, the store I traded my game in didn't mention this, but I'll try not to place the blame on anyone... console or a SD card but if there's a way to link to my old account, some settings option I'm not noticing or if I've truly messed up here, I may not have been terribly clear here so I'm more than willing

  • When the 3DS XL comes out, will we lose all the 3 stars rating, gold wheel, and VR score if we play MK 7 on the new console? I heard in the past that the SD card won't be able to save those data, because it was worried that game players can just duplicate many SD cards that way. But is there some other way, for example, if 3DS can transfer data through WiFi (the StreetPass mechanism), then maybe there can be a way to either copy or move the game achievements to one and only one 3DS console? (or if each game player can log in, and retrieve those achievements on their console

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  • I just finished updating my 3DS to the new 7.0.0-13 update, which adds the Miiverse to the 3DS and finally combines the funds of both Wii U and 3DS e-shops. Right now, my 3DS is giving me the choice between two Miis to represent my person on the Miiverse: [3DS Mii]: Personal Mii for this [3DS] system [Wii U Mii]: The Mii currently linked to this Nintendo Network ID I guess, if I choose... need to overwrite either your NNID or 3ds system mii. the problem is both of these miis potentially have save game data linked to them. i know of various 3ds titles that have this, so i didn't

  • Okay, This may have been answered already, but I need to know the answer before I end up crying in a ball of tears. Apparently, I kind of lost my Nintendogs 3DS game cartridge... It's somewhere, in my house. I looked high and low, but still can't find it. It showed me streetpassing with my sister for the game from 11/14/13 - 01/22/14. After that, I haven't recieved anymore passes (and the Nintendogs can go up to 10, and I've only done 6.) What I want to know, if I bought a digital copy or a another physical copy, would my game data from my SD card be able to transfer over? Or am I doomed

  • On my Wii, I have a button in my Mii Channel to transfer a Mii to and from my Wii remote, as seen in this tutorial. On the Wii Channel of my Wii U, I don't have that button. I've also tried to connect my 3DS using the shortcut (A + B + 1 + 2), which works, but you can't transfer from the handheld to the console, only the other way around. I do not want to do a whole Wii data transfer. Am I stuck making Miis from scratch on the Wii Channel?

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  • I downloaded LittleBigPlanet almost a year ago when it was free and recently, I got the Game of the Year edition. I was hoping to just delete the game from my system and just use the Game of the Year edition from now on, but I noticed that the save data wasn't in the Save Data Utility. I believe that all of the save data is in the game itself on the console and if I delete it, I will lose all of that save data. Is there a way to get the save data from the downloaded game into the Save Data Utility so that way I can delete the game and still have the save data? If not, then will I have

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