Where the hell is my Hydreigon?

Jonathan Drain
  • Where the hell is my Hydreigon? Jonathan Drain

    My Pokémon White cartridge has Hydreigon as Caught, which means that at one point I had one. It's not there any more, and I kind of need it.

    • I can't find it in any of my PC boxes, or in my current party.
    • It's not at the daycare.
    • I didn't trade it. I only have one other cart and it only has Hydreigon as Seen, not Caught, so it can't be there.
    • I didn't release it. I never release Pokémon.
    • It can't have evolved. Hydreigon is the final evolution of its line.
    • I don't think I traded it to friends or online.
    • I don't think there are any in-game trades that accept Hydreigon, but I could be wrong.
    • It's not tucked in to the Dream World.
    • It's not in the Battle Box.

    Where the hell could it be?

  • The only real option is that you traded it online/with a friend and don't remember. You've checked everywhere in-game that I know of, and there aren't in-game trades for it, so the only option is that it's not on your cartridge.

    It sucks, but you've traded it away. Catching a new one and hoping you got something good for your Hydreigon is your only real option.

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