Can't kill Alain Dufont with Dwemer Ballista in Dark Brotherhood 'Mourning Never Comes' quest

  • Can't kill Alain Dufont with Dwemer Ballista in Dark Brotherhood 'Mourning Never Comes' quest Sandokan

    I'm on the Dark Brotherhood 'Mourning Never Comes' quest, to kill Alain Dufont.

    I'm standing atop of the ledge looking down on him. According to TES wiki, you are supposed to be able to fire the Dwemer Ballista in order to kill him, but that doesn't work. When I fire off the explosive arrows, they hit the ground at his feet but nothing happens. Alain and his bandits don't even react to being hit and they take no damage.

    Has anyone encountered this bug?

  • The best fix would be to kill him manually but if you don't think this is possible then try to reload a save.

  • This happened to me. I solved it by firing an arrow a bit closer to the ballista so that they would walk towards it and better in the line of fire.

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