How can I define more than one spawn point?

  • How can I define more than one spawn point? Matthewzoom

    Is it possible to have more than one spawn point (Red and Blue spawn points) in a map I am creating? It might be uploaded to a server, but I'd like to know a server and a client way.

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  • I made a hunger games server a while ago and I need help setting spawn points in my arena. I want to use the same arena for ever single game. In the first arena I used world edit and set the points and created arena 1 and I set the spawn points sg setlobbyspawn next and it worked and set all of the 24 spawn points. In the second arena i used world edit once again and created the arena and when i try to set the spawn points, it sets an extra spawn point for my first arena not the second one.

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  • that I want to be part of the new world. So I edited the old one with MCEdit, i.e. surrounding it with Bedrock and creating new chunks far from that old world and moving the spawn point there. Questions Copy existing "world" to new Server: Is it correct to copy a "world"-folder and only deleting the "players"-folder in it? Or do I have to adapt more than that to have a properly functioning world.... Is it of any importance that this number is the same like the one in the ""-file of the new Server will be? (In MCEdit I create the "start" of the new world, far away of the old

  • There is a feature in minecraft, that an arrow will break item frames. However, on SMP server users can protect their regions and the region is smart enough to check the origin ID of the arrow. Still, I wonder if anyone could mess up with our spawn's crafting tutorials (which are made of item frames). One way would be leading a skeleton archer to the spawn, but I guess that would require inhuman patience. Also, dispenser arrows seem to be anonymous, but in my case that's something don't have to worry about.

  • While playing on some protected server, I noticed that once I had set my spawn point to one of the beds on the map, I could not revert to the default spawn point, since the bed as well as the room was protected from griefing. Is there any other way to revert to the default spawn point?

  • Recently my friend got his computer fixed and he was finally able to join my server. He was lagging a bit at first but then he made some changes that seemed to improve that. I also added another GB of RAM to my server using this code: java -Xmx2048M -Xms2048M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui At this point it all went to hell. Another friend joined the server who experienced little to no lag (no more than usual), however my client completely crashed. This began a series of crashes from various simple actions: Placed some pipes: 2 crashes Removed pipes: crashed again I

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