How do refills work for badges in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14?

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  • How do refills work for badges in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14? Zero Stack

    I have been using a few of the badges given from the start of my career but it looks like you can only use them X amount of times before you have to refill them. ( Default was 5 ) Finding this out, sparked a few questions:

    How do you refill these badges?

    Do they cost money IRL or XP ?

    How many times can you refill a badge?

    Does it cost 1 badge usage per round or event you play in?

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  • The stalk market badge in New Leaf has a badge for making a profit selling turnips. The bronze requires a total cumulative profit of 500,000 bells. I'm interested to know how this is calculated - if you keep making a loss every week, do you end up with a massive negative overall profit (which you'd have to claw back before you could even begin working back towards the badge), or does it bottom out at zero? For example, let's say we spend 100,000 bells on turnips one week, and only sell them for 50,000. Is my total profit now -50,000 or zero?

  • benefits (1st badge increases Attack, 3rd badge increases Speed, etc). However, I don't believe this is mentioned in-game. I'm curious as to if these badges actually do raise the stats of your Pokemon...In Pokemon FireRed and Pokemon LeafGreen, you get badges for defeating Gym Leaders, just like in any other Pokemon game. However, upon receiving the badges, it sometimes tells you that a stat of all of your Pokemon has been raised. Supposedly, the Boulder Badge gives raises your Pokemon's Attack, the Thunder Badge raises your Pokemon's Speed, the Soul Badge raises your Pokemon's Defense

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