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  • Lost skyrim followers tony

    I was playing and beat two bosses in the same place with the help of my follower. I'm confident my follower did not die as a result of these battles. After the boss battles, I teleported to White Run and found that my follower was not with me. I looked in my house, and was surprised to find she was not there. Is there any way to get her back? I've given her some of my best items (like an ebony weapon!). Any help would be much appreciated.

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  • Is there a way around the "losing your follower" bug on Skyrim? I've lost mine, and she isn't where I left her (at her home or mine). I know she isn't dead because she's one of the ones that cannot die. I've tried getting a new follower, but it won't let me. Any help?

  • not in Dragons Reach, or my house. - I can't find her anywhere - She might be dead. If she was dead, I couldn't care less. The problem is, I try to get people to follow me and they keep saying I already have a follower. Is there like a way to dismiss her without actually being able to talk to her? I really don't know what to do and I want a new follower. Update: okay now I really need help, this is effecting my quests. I just got the dlc dawngaurd and im a vampire, and im doing a quest for serena but she told me I cant do the quest unless i dismiss my follower!! Please help!

  • Possible Duplicate: My follower is attacking someone. Can I get him/her to stop? Ok, so I'm in Windhelm trying to level the pickpocket skill without cheating or using tips from wikis and I find it a good idea to try the local blacksmith. I pickpocket successfully twice and then I try for a magic ring he happens to have. I fail and he and his daughter start attacking me. I yield and they stop attacking me but my follower continues to attack them and now I can't shop in Windhelm. As we all know it is very bad to attack and kill shopkeepers so, any way to get my Follower to stop

  • During the game the party meet some of the endless (The dragons, e.g. Sea Dragon / Grass Dragon). If you meet one of them and Ryu talks to them, they ask you, if you need their help. If you answer yes, Ryu can use their powers during the round based battles from time to time. However, if you talk to an endless, he asks you "Do you need my help?". You can choose to say Not now so I was wondering, what, if any, impact does this have on the gameplay. Does anything change if you choose to not request the help?

  • I just got lydia as a follower and have been doing some quest with her. I decided to give her my orcish armor so she can tank better for me but now i have a problem. Every time i dismiss her she Unequips her armor and is just naked. I tried taking away the orcish armor to see if see reverts back to her steel armor but it doesn't work she is still walking around nude. I have already try the disable, enable, and rest AI commands but it didn't solve the problem.

  • Follower skill set The Gray Fox

    My follower Jordis the Sword-Maiden is supposedly fully maxed out in terms of her skills set and has reached level 50, but I've noticed her perks aren't in effect. She's currently equipped with full Daedric Armor and dying almost effortless by upper level enemies such as bandit marauders. I've tried using the Wabbajack numerous times to reset her stats and it's no use. I've also noticed that her equipment is slightly greyed out whenever I try to trade her items and this problem is also not responsive with the use of the Wabbajack either. What other solutions would you recommend?

  • So I had the female dark brotherhood initiat as my follower I told her to wait and now I've forgotten where she is. I've waited and I've slept I be done everything... But my question is; if I activate the 'honor thy family' quest will that make her come back? All answers are wanted and I'm on ps3 so PC console commands will do me no good... Thanks

  • Possible Duplicate: How do I find my follower if and when they leave me? So I became the thane of whiterun and got my first companion and she traveled around with me until I got bored and started killing the whiterun guards. I accidentally took on the jarl and his men. After winning and running away, I couldn't find her anymore. I wouldn't care but she had 3 dragons worth of bones and scales on her. I didn't tell her to stay anywhere either, any suggestions on where I need to look? I've also conquered whiterun for the stormcloaks, will that prevent me from getting her back?

  • Possible Duplicate: I lost my follower? Ok, so I had J'zargo and Meeko. I just started "A Daedra's Best Friend" and was following Barbas. So we were walking and then got attacked. During the confusion, I saw Meeko walk off up a hill. I never saw him again. I need help, because I know he's not dead as I checked every corner of the area and did not find his body, he might be stuck, considering he's not with me (duh), and when I checked his shack, he was not there and neither was his owner. If someone could help, I'd appreciate it, as Meeko was awesome. :(

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