What Does the Wrench do?

  • What Does the Wrench do? GnomeSlice

    I've just started playing Die2Nite and I came across an "adjustable spanner". When I mouse over it, the item info is such:

    With an adjustable spanner, you can choose between building something and breaking something Something might not necessarily be an object...

    ...so I assume the info is hinting at Weaponry

    I put it in the bank, then removed it again to see what class of item it is, and it turns out that it is indeed listed in the armoury section.

    What exactly does the wrench do? If I can use it as a weapon, can I also use it to "build something", as stated in the info? Are there stats of any kind for the weaponry of the game that can give me a better understanding of the items (i.e. damage, etc?) ?

    Also, can I play tennis with it?

  • Maybe a late answer, but i used the adjustable spanner to open a food crate. so it can be used to open certain heavy objects.

    i also used it to help 2 zombies to the next life.

  • According to the French wiki (translated version) as a weapon the wrench has a 1 in 3 chance of killing a zombie and a 20% chance of breaking.

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