How does one become a beekeeper?

  • How does one become a beekeeper? Paralytic

    Alright so I read the beekeeping 101 on the Wiki for Forestry and really didn't feel like it gave me a good grasp on the subject. If anything it caused more confusion for me. Where should I start in-game for beekeeping?

  • Beekeeping 101 – the "101" course – is really just a teaser to pique your curiosity and get you to experiment with the items and blocks. The intention is that you'll start, and learn by trial and error. It doesn't teach you how to do much, so much as it gives a broad survey of beekeeping.

    In practical terms, start by collecting bees. Craft a scoop and go find some wild beehives. Break the hive with the scoop (just like mining with a pick, it takes a few seconds of concentrated beatings) and it should drop bees, along with other random drops related to the type of hive it is, like various types of honeycomb.

    Take your bees back home. Put them in a chest if you're not ready to set up apiaries (artificial hives) – they'll be perfectly happy stored with your other junk until you're ready to deal with them.

    When you've got an apiary built (for your first one, make sure it has flowers nearby and can see the sky directly above) and are ready to become a bee-keeper rather than merely a collector, select one princess and one drone and put them into the apiary. They'll breed and the princess will become a queen bee, producing honey and eventually new young bees, before dying. You've begun your journey into beekeeping.

    By selectively breeding your princesses and drones you can cross-breed your bees and select for desirable genetic traits, using a beealyzer to help you – but that's not getting started, that's the long journey of becoming an expert beekeeper.

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