Why does Shenhua speak Japanese?

  • Why does Shenhua speak Japanese? unor

    Shenhua (aka Shen Hua aka Sha Hua aka Shen Fa) "grew up in the wilderness of China, surrounded by nature" (Wikipedia). She "has lived in Guilin her whole life" (Neoseeker).

    In Shenmue II, Ryo meets her and she talks to him in accent-free Japanese (according to a friend of mine who speaks Japanese). In Shenmue I she also sings in Japanese.

    Why is that?

    I'm not sure, but I think her original name is Chinese. She grew up in China. She lives in China. Why does she speak perfect Japanese? Is it explained in the game? Or are there any hints?

    Maybe her adoptive father taught her Japanese? Is anything known about him (yet)? Is it plausible that he knows Japanese?

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