Is there a way to increase the range at which I can lock on to enemies?

  • Is there a way to increase the range at which I can lock on to enemies? aslum

    Enemy archers in Demon's Souls will see me and start shooting at me from really far away. Is the range at which I can lock on to them increased by a stat or is there a ring that would increase the lock distance?

  • No. Lock range never increases. The best you can do is use the Thief Ring so that you can get closer to enemies before they spot you.

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  • . Flares, ECM, nothing. (maybe the occasional save getting behind a building or hill - seldomly works due to their attack from above). It is a great defense, do not get me wrong, but I also have... and within range. It can also receive targets via laser designation, allowing it to attack air vehicles. The Javelin's targeting ability can be hindered by Thermal Camouflage or Stealth, and defeated by IR... can be forced to attack from a higher angle without laser designation by quickly aiming high just before launching the weapon (and losing weapon lock). The initial booster lobs the missile high

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