Unable to run Maplestory

  • Unable to run Maplestory achacttn

    My computer specs are as follows:

    • Processor: i5-3570k,
    • Motherboard: P8Z77-v-pro,
    • Memory: 16gb DDR3,
    • Hard disk: Seagate Barracuda 2TB,
    • Graphics card: GTX670,
    • Windows 7 Professional

    I have tried logging into the maplestory website (global), however, after downloading the installer and installing pando media booster, the download does not start at all. So, I downloaded through the workaround files here. I followed the instructions (added to same folder, ran the appropriate file) and successfully installed the game. However, I encounter the following errors when I try to run the game:

    1) Running through Chrome: Error code 11004, Maplestory not run at all.

    2) Running through internet explorer: Can select server, when I choose a channel, instantly crashes with no error messages.

    3) Running through gamelauncher.exe: I see the in-client log in window, and enter my email/pw. However, clicking the login button does nothing, and after the while, the game crashes with the message 'you have been disconnected from the login server'.*

    Extra information:

    1) I am running a dual-monitor set up. I have had some problems running other games in the past because of this reason.

    2) I am using a university internet connection. Some websites do not load, others are slow (throttled). I am not well-versed in internet literature, but if I had to guess, the problem lies somewhere here.

    Any help resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.

  • Use the GameLauncher.exe in the MapleStory folder.

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