Which champion should I buy if I love Leblanc, Wukong and Zilean?

  • Which champion should I buy if I love Leblanc, Wukong and Zilean? Cindytroford

    I love to play with :

    • Leblanc, because she can do nice juke tricks, one-shot enemies and gank top and bot.
    • Wukong, because he can do nice tricks as a jungler, he is very useful in teamfights and he is strong.
    • Zilean, because his bombs are strong (I play him as support and can poke the enemy adc easily), help his team with his movement speed boost and ulti (besides, people usually don't know his ultimate).

    I also like Varus because his ulti is really useful for the team. Yet I like Caitlyn's E that allows her to escape (exactly like Zilean, Leblanc and Wukong who can always escape if needed).

    Which champions would I likely enjoy playing?

  • I think you will like Shaco. Based on your answer about people not knowing Zilean's ultimate, I think you'll be having a great time playing as Shaco.

    Shaco can be an excellent jungler and complete it very fast. It is also possible to do a level 2 or 3 gank with him. His Q and ultimate give him a pretty much sure escape, and there are a thousand of tricks you can do with him. It's a typical champion that is 'easy to learn, hard to master'.

    He als needs a good early game, with 1 or 2 succesfull ganks. Shaco has very high options on counterjungling and making the enemy's laning phase hard, but endgame, you have to make sure your team is well fed to compensate for your low damage and durability.

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