SimCity undestroyable small road

  • SimCity undestroyable small road nute

    I added a Bus Terminal to my city (the big kind). Later in the game, I noticed it basically disappeared leaving just a trail road and a small garage.

    Annoyed, I decided to delete it and rebuild one. Except that deleting it only removed the small garage left. The small dirt road remained. I cannot delete it or build anything over it.

    I tried to delete the main road next to it (hoping it will ask me if I want to delete the building too), but it didn't ask anything. Now I can't even rebuild the old roads because it says it cannot intersect the dirt road. I can't build over it for the same reason. Clicking to bulldoze doesn't do anything.

    enter image description here

  • It's a bug that is not fixable short of the devs releasing a patch. However you could attempt to fix this via natural disaster. Unfortunately/fortunately natural disasters don't destroy roads. However, if perhaps the game sees these roads in particular as part of a building (since they were used to upgrade one) then perhaps it will make an exception. I recommend unleashing a earth quake or comet on it and seeing what happens.

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