My Diablo 3 account has hacked items. Can I get in trouble?

  • My Diablo 3 account has hacked items. Can I get in trouble? AlanChavez

    My Diablo 3 account was hacked, I didn't care until I wanted to play Starcraft II, I couldn't log in because the hacker changed my password and my e-mail, he even put an authenticator in place.

    I called Blizzard, and they recovered the account for me. When I started to play Diablo III I noticed that I have about 1.5 million in gold, and probably the best equipment in game. It seems to me like hacked equipment to be honest.

    For example:

    Masked Fame

    1. 274 Armor
    2. 42 Dex
    3. 72 Vit
    4. 27 Physical Resistance
    5. 5% Life

    Can I get in trouble if I play with that character? Like getting my account banned?

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