Does Gladius work with the XBox360?

  • Does Gladius work with the XBox360? Beska

    Gladius is one of those great turn-based strategy games that I like to go back to once in a while. But now that my old PS2 is packed away, it's not so easy. If I pick up a copy for the original XBox, will it work in my 360?

  • According to the official website, unfortunately it isn't compatible with the XBox 360 yet. It is uncertain whether and when it ever will be.

  • I recently bought Gladius thinking I could play it on the 360, but it says no and that there could be an update that would allow this, but I checked and there isn't. So unfortunately you can't play Gladius on the 360.

  • You can't play Gladius on your Xbox 360 unless Microsoft decides to release a remake for Xbox 360.

  • I bought Gladius for the XBox and I've tried everything - even undoing all system updates and playing it then - but alas no luck, it appears that you cannot play Gladius on the 360.

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