Visual Boy Advance Invalid or Not Recognized Save File

Bruno Augusto
  • Visual Boy Advance Invalid or Not Recognized Save File Bruno Augusto

    Today after an annoying problem with my PC I had to format it and reinstall everything.

    Of course I made backup of all my files but, as always it seems that I lost something.

    I use Visual Boy Advance, specifically a modification of it called VisualLink. I saved my files regularly using the virtual Flash ROM the emulator provides to save "in game".

    But now, after everything is done, all my files have been moved back, I was testing it and the save file is not recognized anymore. It doesn't show a corrupted message, it simply would not recognize the saved data.

    I'm not sure how to fix or workaround this.

    The saved data was done after a lot of gaming time and I really don't want to have to do it again. I appreciate your time.

  • Check the emulator settings. You most likely have a different save type, you should try to change that and reload the game. If you don't know your old savetype, you'll need to try.

    enter image description here

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